New England Technical Services Librarian Award  ​ for Excellence in Library Technical Services

New England Technical Services Librarians is calling for nominations for their annual award.

Possible nominees would be technical services librarians who live in New England, and:

  • Lead the way in innovating or collaborating in the field,
  • Have inspired you,
  • Are triumphing over challenges in the field of technical services,
  • Or, put the service element in Tech Services

To nominate them, complete this form. They do not need to belong to NELA or participate in NETSL to be eligible.

The successful nominee will receive their award at the annual conference, held on May 5, 2017.
More information can be found on the NETSL Award Page.

Please send any questions to Amy Dittman — amy(dot)dumouchel(at)bc(dot)edu.

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