2013 NETSL Conference Survey Results

Averages for responses to the following questions on a scale of 1 to 5 [5 highest to 1 lowest]:

Please rate the conference overall: 5

Please rate the site arrangements: 4

Please rate the food: 5

Keynote speeches

Content of Susan Gibbons‘ “Disruptive Library Landscape” keynote: 4

Relevance of Susan Gibbons’ keynote: 5

Comments on Susan Gibbons’ keynote:

  • Very good speaker and presentation.
  • Excellent speaker with mastery of the topic.  Not quite so relevant to public libraries, but still very interesting and provoking.  Enjoyable!
  • I *LOVED* Susan Gibbons’ presentation.  So many librarians forget that our profession’s responsibility is not just to the library members of today, but that we also have a universal responsibility to collect, organize, preserve and make available informational resources for all future generations.  Susan gets this.
  • Excellent overview. What we need to hear about the perceptions and thinking of Directors and Admins about libraries.

Content of Jessamyn West‘s “Encouraging a Culture of Openness in Libraries”: 5

Relevance of Jessamyn West’s keynote: 4

Comments on Jessamyn West’s keynote:

  • Enthusiastic. Good speaker for the afternoon-before-going-home slot.
  • Very good speaker and presentation heard other librarians were very happy they stayed for her presentation.
  • Very enjoyable and entertaining. A good ending to the conference.
  • I loved her enthusiasm and found her presentation inspiring.

Morning breakout sessions

Content of Basic RDA: 5

Relevance of Basic RDA: 5

Comments on Basic RDA:

  • Excellent. Cataloging instructions with humor.
  • OUTSTANDING!! I am no longer afraid to look into RDA or to jump in and try it out. Thank you for explaining it in a concise, understandable manner!

Content of The Accidental Systems Librarian: 5

Relevance of The Accidental Systems Librarian: 5

Comments on The Accidental Systems Librarian:

  • Great speaker.  Very helpful, useful information. Very well organized.
  • Really good!

Content of Digital Preservation: 5

Relevance of Digital Preservation: 5

Comments on Digital Preservation:

  • This is possibly the best and most useful conference session I have ever attended. Presenters were concise and showed an awareness of what libraries are really facing.
  • This session was very helpful to see what tools we can use and very relevant to libraries today!

Content of Why E-books Suck (Unless Your Name is Amazon): 5

Relevance of Why E-books Suck: 5

Comments on Why E-books Suck:

  • It’s great to have non-librarians bring a perspective and razor sharp analysis to a much tread topic.
  • Alan communicated really well what is at stake as the media moves from the owner model to the leaser model.  Very good presentation.

Afternoon breakout session

Content of Advanced RDA: 4

Relevance of Advanced RDA: 5

Comments on Advanced RDA:

  • THE expert. Necessary to hear.
  • I learned a lot of new things about RDA.  Great presentation.

Content of Implementing RDA: 5

Relevance of Implementing RDA: 5

Comments on Implementing RDA:

  • Extremely helpful for those of us trying to figure out how to handle RDA in our own setting.
  • Another great session, basic message was jump in and start using RDA!
  • Phenomenal.  Erin knew her stuff and spoke about her experience implementing RDA at two different institutions and the challenges/successes she encountered.

Content of Lightning Talks: 4

Relevance of Lightning Talks: 5

Comments on Lightning Talks:

  • Wonderfully engaging, as evidenced by the mountain of questions after.
  • Very well organized and a wide variety of topics.

Additional comments on the conference:

  • This was a great first conference for me.  Thank you for making it worth the drive.
  • NETSL always has excellent conferences. keep up the good work!
  • This was the best NETSL conference I’ve attended in the last 15 years. Great job!
  • This year’s conference was one of the best I have attended in the many years I have been coming to it.  Thank you for informative and relevant topics.  As always I love coming to Holy Cross for the conference.
  • I enjoyed the Conference tremendously.  The location at Holy Cross Hogan Center is convenient and having the conference in April or early May is a good time to get away from my home library.  The lunch buffet is lovely and the refreshments before the program begins and at the first break are much appreciated. The Speakers and breakout sessions provided valuable information and were well presented.
  • I am a first time attendee and I enjoyed the conference tremendously and found it to be time well spent.
  • The 2011 NETSL conference I attended seemed to reflect a fear of the future, and a lack of confidence on the part of Tech Services librarians.  This conference seemed to reflect and intense interest in what is actually happening now, and in what will happen next.  Much more positive, more substantial, than 2011.  Makes me want to come back next year.
  • This conference made my colleagues and me feel good about the work we are doing. It was a refreshing change.

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