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Designing Data for Discovery: OCLC’s Linked Data Strategy

Linked data has become a hot topic grabbing a lot of attention in libraries. For some time teams at OCLC Research and product teams have been looking at how linked data concepts impact bibliographic metadata, authority files, discovery and the presentation of library data. This session will look at recent projects and research efforts to highlight examples of how OCLC is using linked data today.
Speaker: Rob Favini

Fair Use: Past, Present, & Future of a Critical Legal Right
Through interactive examples, participation questions, and a short talk, this session aims to cover the modern interpretation of fair use for libraries. The session will emphasize practical copyright risk and fair use. Participants will come away with a functional and modern understanding of fair use, to be harnessed immediately in their workplace. There have been several successful legal efforts in libraries and educational institutions to embrace and understand fair use, especially transformative fair use, as a right. The naturally transformative nature of education and library/archives work creates an environment where librarians can and should employ fair use analysis, based on caselaw and statutes, to determine the potential authenticity of their work, whether reproduction, digitization, or an array of multi-media programming and exhibits. Additionally, a librarian’s “good faith” efforts determining the fair use right can, in some cases, relieve a library from any copyright statutory damages under the copyright act. This session aims to explore the past, present and future of fair use, and reveals that the very nature of fair use represents the future foundation of 21st century education and scholarship.
Speaker: Kyle Courtney

Getting & Keeping a Catalog Clean
Your library catalog is only as good as the records that are in it. When records are incorrect or dated, searches won’t work well, and all users will be frustrated. Like Spring cleaning for the house, regular cleaning the catalog will result in a much better environment of people to have success. This presentation will focus on specific areas to examine to maximize your cleaning efforts.
Speaker: Betsy Diamant-Cohen