Recharge 2017

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Survival Guide for a New Head of Cataloging/Metadata

There is a first time for everyone. It is my first time to take a journey as a head of metadata and cataloging in an academic-library environment. In addition to RDA and Bibframe, I as well as newly-appointed librarians under similar circumstances have to deal with decision-making, transformation and learning. The program aims to create a head-of-cataloging/metadata survival guide. It focuses on the type of solo original-catalogers’ duties, authority control including NACO, migration, e.g., pre-migration database cleanup and post-migration database maintenance, hiring and training, workflow transformation and departmental reorganization.
Speaker: Kumiko Reichert

Project Management: An Essential Leadership Skill
Project management is an essential skill for all successful library leaders–people at all levels of management from directors to those taking on project management for the first time. Using the practical example of our RFID implementation project, Sue highlights the skills needed to successfully tackle complex projects. Leave this workshop renewed, reenergized, and inspired to implement the practical management tips and tricks in your library. Note: this is NOT a step by step RFID implementation workshop.
Speaker: Sue Priver

Accessing Your Patron’s Needs Using an Ethnographic Study
Learn how to create, administer, and access data for your own ethnographic study of your patrons to best meet their needs.
Speaker: Christine Richardson

Controlled Vocabulary & the Controversal Library of Congress Subject Heading “Illegal Aliens”

This panel session hosts Dartmouth College Librarians John DeSantis and Jill Baron, featured in the 2016 Library Journal article Library of Congress Drops Illegal Alien Subject Heading, Provokes Backlash Legislation, who will speak on this process, experience, and bring us up to date on ongoing issue. Erin Stalberg of Mount Holyoke College and ALA Council representative will speak on participation from the library community and ALA groups. Participants can expect an overview of this topic, updates on the issue of changing subject headings to reflect current practices, and what library professionals can do going forward in support of this work.