Navigating the New Normal

Monday, October 3, 2011
Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Burlington, VT

Mysterius the Unfathomable: RDA Cataloging at the Clark

Speculation abounds concerning RDA (Resource Description and Access), but what are the realities of this new standard for cataloging? The Library at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts was a formal national test site and librarians there have been using RDA for the last year. Join Penny Baker, Collections Management Librarian, and Christopher Geissler, Cataloger for Archives & Special Collections (now at Brown University), who will share their experiences, both good and bad, working with RDA.

Supporting materials found here:

The Miscellany Collection: How a Small Digital Collection Caught Imagination of the Scholarly Community at Tufts University and Beyond

Tisch Library’s Miscellany Collection began as an experiment of the Technical Services Department to meet the needs of increasingly technically savvy faculty & students. It became a university recognized asset as a result of overarching strategy, identification of appropriate metadata standards, and the decision to move it to a digital environment. Alicia Morris, Head of Technical Services, and Alex May, Metadata Specialist, will share their experiences and discuss departmental strategy & the work necessary to design and complete this project.

Slides for The Miscellany Collection (PDF, 266 KB )

The Future is On Demand, Just-in-Time & Patron-Driven
Co-Presented with the NELA Academic Libraries Section

Academic library collection managers are shifting away from “just in case” purchasing to focus on spending mapped to actual use patterns. Laura Crain, Associate Director for Collection Services, focuses on how Saint Michael’s College Library employs a variety of tools to ensure that the small to medium-sized academic library acquires electronic and physical content that matches up with actual need and use.

Slides for The Future is On Demand (PDF, 3.27 MB)

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